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What is it?

WebAvis is a Web frontend to amavisd-new written in PHP.
It allows owners of a mail account to manage their amavisd-new parameters, like spam scores, white/black lists and filter behavior.


To be able to run WebAvis, you just need a web server (say apache) with PHP and the needed modules to access the backend (LDAP or SQL).
I won't cover here the configuration of amavisd-new as there is enough documentation over the web for that.

What does WebAvis look like

WebAvis is using XHTML and CSS so you can personalize it as you want.
You can find some screenshots of a site running WebAvis here.
(If you run a site with WebAvis, you can, if you want, send me a link to it that I can list it there)

Latest News

24 August 2008: release 0.3.1 is available

04 october 2005: release 0.3 is available with support for the long awaited SQL backend

01 october 2005: webavis-users mailing list creation


WebAvis is at the early stage of development, so it is not sure that it will not blow up your database.

To obtain Debian package of Webavis, just add to your /etc/apt/sources.list (deb-src is optionnal):

deb http://debian.myreseau.org/ etch main
deb-src http://debian.myreseau.org/ etch main

And then: apt-get install webavis webavis-extra

You can download tarballs here:

Last stable release:
WebAvis v0.3.1 (24-08-2008)
  • Small PHP5 compatibility fixes
  • Add mailbox scripts for Dovecot server
  • Add ability to choose user password during creation
  • Add list of users to choose from in the "Delete accounts" page
Older releases:
WebAvis v0.3 (04-10-2005)
  • Added SQL backend support (YeeeeeHa!)
  • Debian package available
  • German translation update by Peter Pramberger
WebAvis v0.2.5 (30-08-2005)
  • Added German translation by Peter Pramberger.
  • Added support for user+folder@domain.com, patch by Peter Pramberger.
  • Fix behavior page where disabling antivirus disables warn recipient checkbox for banned files and bad header (patch by Cedric Krier).
  • Added a simple module to allow direct access to an external webmail.
  • Added a module to handle fetched accounts (POP, IMAP...) and a python script in extra/tools/fetchedaccounts to generate via crontab the corresponding fetchmailrc file from accounts stored in database.
WebAvis v0.2.1 (16-01-2005)
  • Fix incorrect generation of user quarantine addresses.
  • Add support for new amavisd-new LDAP attributes amavisWarn*Recip.
WebAvis v0.2 (08-01-2005)
  • Suppress the double server config for authentication and amavis preferences, just keep it simple.
  • Merge classes of User and Prefs handling.
  • Introduce a module system to easily add functionnalities.
  • Move the "Alias and Domains" in a module that can be easily disabled as it is not related to amavisd-new.
  • Add a "User Handling" module to give the users the ability to change their personal data and for admin to be able to create and delete accounts. An external script to create cyrus mailboxes is provided in folder extra/tools
  • Add support for message size limit introduced in Amavisd-new 2.2.0.
  • Add support for local user lookup introduced in Amavisd-new 2.2.0 in the aliasdomains module. Users are considered not local when their account is forwarded.
  • Add MAILDROPSUFFIX in config.php to control the generation of "maildrop" attribute.
  • Add some check on the login string to prevent malformed strings.
  • When possible, convert configuration variables to constants instead of variables to avoid some scoping problems (so configuration files of previous versions are not compatible with this version).


Bugtracker is here.


WebAvis is free software distributed under the GNU General Public License, so you can use it, modify it and redistribute it according to the terms of this license. Nevertheless, if you want to modify it, it would be better to see your modifications integrated in this version of WebAvis, so just contact me if you have interresting patches.